Student Joins Coding Dojo To Build An App For His Wedding!

We had the pleasure of interviewing Juan Marin, who is the CEE (Chief Executive Everything) of Codecery S. de R.L. de C.V., CTO & Founder of Kiwi Networks S.A.P.I. de C.V., and CEO & Founder of SIWAY.COM, S.A de C.V.! Juan put his life on hold and traveled from Mexico to the U.S. to be a part of Coding Dojo and we are very thrilled to have the opportunity to interview him.

Introducing Mr. Marin—

1.) A part of the reason for you joining Coding Dojo is so that you can build an app for your upcoming wedding! Tell us more about your project, it sounds fascinating.

I am having a wedding in December and wanted a way to get all of the photos that people will take at the wedding in a simple and easy way. Usually, when you ask people for photos they don’t end up sending them to you or don’t send all of them. You are then forced to go on Facebook, Instagram, etc. to gather all of the pictures and this is a pain and very time consuming, and you don’t even end up getting all of the photos. You don’t get to see all of the candid moments. I also wanted a way to have all of these moments be shared with my wife, friends, and all of the guests only. I wanted these moments to be private.

Creating a mobile and web application was the perfect idea. My application will be a place to ask people to upload all of the pictures from a specific event very easily into one location. The application will allow uploads of videos, pictures, text, and audio and will have Reddit feel to it (I love Reddit!). It will be a very social application.

2.) What does your educational and career background consist of?

I actually studied in the Bay Area and graduated with a degree in Economics from Stanford. After I graduated, I worked at Citybank for about a year. I decided that working there wasn’t for me and started my first company that wasn’t successful. Still inspired, I proceed to build my second company, Kiwi Networks (Internet service provider for high bandwidth internet connection for big businesses). Kiwi Networks is all about smart routers i.e. traffic shaping, captive portals, analyzing traffic from users, etc. for big businesses. I plan on launching a third company and need coding experience so I can help my hardworking developer, Carlos—and this is why I a here. I’m sort of a test subject at Coding Dojo. I am seeing how much I can learn in 9 weeks so that I can send my future developers out here to learn as well!

3.) Has being in the Coding Dojo program helped you with the progress of your application?

Definitely. Now that I know the basics, developing the application is much easier. Programming is so different than other skill sets, either you have the mindset for it or you don’t. I’m motivated to keep learning and that is what programming is really all about.

4.) What do you enjoy the most about Coding Dojo?

I really enjoy the atmosphere. I was learning online prior to Coding Dojo and it was a completely different experience. Here, I am surrounded by motivated people who are all about what they’re doing and have interesting projects. This really motivates you to work harder. Whenever you are struggling, you can ask peers and teachers for help. The immersion of the bootcamp is great, everyone is working on the same topics and I’ve progressed SO much in the past few weeks.

5.) What would be your best advice be for future students that come into this program?

Think if this is really what you want to do in your life and figure out what you are looking to achieve. If coding and creating things spark your interest, this is the place for you. If you see yourself as a developer, figure out what level you are at. Some other bootcamps don’t take beginners and if you are a beginner, Coding Dojo is perfect. It’s amazing to see what people can create from scratch in just 9 weeks. If you are not a beginner, this may not be the best option for you.

It’s very impressive how much Juan loves and is capable of launching his own companies and we are very happy that he will now have programming experience to help him do so! And how great is it that he is building an application for his wedding with his programming skills?! Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us, Juan!

If anyone would like more information about Juan, please feel free to connect with him via his LinkedIn

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