Introducing the Teaching Chicago Teachers Scholarship

When we launched our Teaching Washington Teachers Scholarship two weeks ago, we mentioned that we were working on similar programs in our other markets. We hoped we wouldn’t need to immediately launch another program because teachers would be keeping their jobs this summer.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Over the weekend, we heard that Chicago Public Schools (CPS) will be laying off 220 teachers. While CPS expects most of them to eventually be rehired to full-time positions elsewhere, we want to give these teachers a hand. So, we’re launching another scholarship that will provide up to 30 teachers who were laid off by CPS a full-ride scholarship for our June, July, August, or September cohorts.

This $390,000 scholarship fund is an opportunity for teachers affected by the layoffs to take our 14-week coding bootcamp free-of-charge, either to retrain into a new career or upskill into private tech education. If a teacher wants to stay in public education, taking our program can also help them learn new tech skills that are increasingly in demand in schools. Coding skills in today’s educational industry are already in high-demand and as school districts continue to add CS requirements, the demand will only grow!

Interested parties should contact Chicago Program Manager Rebecca Diaz via for application information, terms, and conditions.

We’ve already had teachers apply for our Washington scholarship and we hope this new program gives some peace-of-mind to teachers in Chicago who will soon be out of a job. We can’t stop the budget cuts that are gutting our nation’s school districts – but we can, and always will, help individuals transform their lives through programming literacy!

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