Aiming for Success: TensorIoT Partners with Coding Dojo

Making great connections, exploring education, and landing our graduates in companies they love is what makes Coding Dojo truly delighted; it compels our instructors, our career services, our leadership team to strive for that next big win.

Lately, our relationship with TensorIoT — a company that works with IoT and AI platforms to unleash the possibilities and power of smart technologies in the average consumer’s day-to-day life — is on our list of favorite things. Not only because they’re hiring our graduates (four to date, with another likely to land a position soon), but also because the company is sharing great insight and opportunities for our current students.

Building relationships with local business

From panel discussions, mock interviews, and an upcoming hackathon; it all started with one hire of a Coding Dojo graduate who saw his opportunity as an opening for much more:

2018 Coding Dojo graduate, Duane Osburn, now a software engineer at TensorIoT, took to heart his mentor’s advice on networking.

After landing the position in late summer, Duane reached out to his Career Services Manager: Mikelynn Romero. He wanted one of his cohort members to apply for another open position TensorIoT had and was confident our graduate was up for the task. Sure enough, Shahan Krakirian, Duane’s fellow graduate was perfect for the position and got hired on. And since September, the connection with TensorIoT has progressed in phenomenal ways — allowing our students to connect with professionals within the smart technology industry.

“TensorIoT was founded on the idea that everything is migrating toward making things intelligent,” explains Destinee Hector, TensorIoT’s Business Operations Specialist. “Everyone kind of assumes that technology is going that direction, so TensorIoT is on the forward-facing front of that.  We’re really ahead of the technologies that are coming out.”

TensorIoT helps major companies such as Amazon Web Services build IoT and AI platforms by “creating solutions to simplify the way enterprises incorporate edge devices and their data into their day to day operations” explains their website.

“Our own product, called Rubix, is enabling rapid decision making that serves our customers solely,” continued Destinee. “Sentient Science, we partnered with them alongside AWS, to do a machine learning product that predicts wind turbine failure.  That was a really huge project, and Duane worked a lot on the backend side of things.”

Current events with TensorIoT

While the focus of our Career Service Managers is to assist in landing positions, all of our leaders are dedicated to making sure current students and our outstanding alumni are exploring the field of technology in exciting ways even before they take that next step.

That’s why recently Coding Dojo hosted a discussion with TensorIoT at our Los Angeles Dojo, where students were able to discuss their technology, hiring process, and cutting-edge technology with a panel of TensorIoT employees. On that panel was Duane and Shahan — their continued investment in Coding Dojo’s student population expresses the value they find within the dojo. Indeed, when TensorIoT partners with Coding Dojo, the outcome is fantastic!

The panel went well, and tomorrow, Dec. 8, Coding Dojo and TensorIoT will host a hackathon where students will work with Alexa’s API to create fun and interesting ways to utilize her smart capabilities, like notifying you to move your car and avoid getting a parking ticket.

A little down the road, once the official launch of Coding Dojo’s Orange County campus occurs mid-January 2019, the relationship is slated to get even closer as TensorIoT won’t have to beat traffic to reach our campus, and our graduates won’t have to relocate, or drive, to take opportunities with them.  

“[TensorIoT] is super excited because it will be a lot easier for them to get local talent — and in Southern California the traffic can be unbearable,” explained Mikelynn. “A lot of times technical companies can have a hard time recruiting individuals living in different parts of LA because of the traffic. Not only is TensorIoT going to get the same quality of student and grad, but they know those individuals will be interested in the Irvine area where they’re located.”

And TensorIoT is ready to interview and hire more of our students. “I really like that they come out of the program being full stack,” said Destinee. “That’s something that other coding schools we interview with, they typically make students pick one or the other — either backend or frontend development to focus on — and Coding Dojo is the only school I’ve come across hiring-wise that allows them to become full stack.”

Check out our award-winning bootcamp if you’re interested in becoming a full-stack developer in the Los Angeles or Orange County area.

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