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The 5 Best Coding Bootcamps in San Jose, CA

As more companies search far and wide to hire programming experts, coding bootcamps are an excellent option for anyone looking to change careers, learn new skills, and gain fundamental knowledge on how to create something from nothing on the internet. But where can you do that quickly and efficiently? A handful of the best coding bootcamps in San Jose is a good place to start.

This blog looks at the benefits of coding bootcamps, what jobs are available after graduation, and how Coding Dojo’s the answer.

What Is a Coding Bootcamp?

Coding bootcamps are one of the fastest ways to learn how to code. These short-term and intensive coding schools focus on web and mobile development, design, and cybersecurity. In a short time, you can become become an expert in primary programming languages like HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, JavaScript, or PHP stacks.

Coding bootcamps reinvented the entire education process. In just three and a half months, anybody can go from a beginner to an expert programmer and problem solver. And with hands-on experience to add to your resume, your journey to a new career path will be that much easier.

The Benefits of Coding Bootcamps  

Companies Need More Programmers

Programmers are in high demand; many companies continue to scramble to find tech professionals to run their business, maintain websites, and build new tools. Course Report found that 79% of coding bootcamp grads are employed full-time 1-6 months after finishing their program. 

Over 80% stated they were directly using the coding skills learned in the bootcamp; another 51% saw an increase in their average salary by $23,724. So the demand for coding skills is there, and a coding bootcamp is the quickest way to a lucrative career in tech. 

There’s Money in Coding

A recent study by Course Report surveyed 3,043 bootcamp graduates; they found that the average annual salary for graduates was $70,000. On their second job, graduates earned an average of $80,943, which jumped to $99,229 for their third job; with more experience comes more money. If you’re ever looking to make more money, learning to code is a great option. 

Here’s to New Beginnings

Learning to code can be the key to starting an exciting career path. Coding bootcamps teach students various programming languages that are in high demand, giving graduates the chance to work anywhere. Those with coding knowledge can become freelance programmers, develop the next greatest app, or work as consultants on different projects. 

Coding Skills are Needed Everywhere

A strong foundation in technical skills isn’t just for the world of tech; industries everywhere need qualified programmers. Whether it’s a job directly linked to computer science or developing programs in fields like retail, health, or marketing, understanding programming and coding is essential for a business’ growth.

Top 5 Coding Bootcamps in San Jose, CA

Let’s get into it! If you’re in San Jose, here are the top coding academy’s that you can enroll in.

  • Hack Reactor Bootcamp

Hack Reactor’s 12-week coding bootcamp’s for students looking to learn the basics of coding and writing code in JavaScript, with the hopes of breaking into the tech job industry. This course covers live coding, pair programming, exercises, and projects to give students some hands-on experience. 

  • Galvanize Bootcamp

Galvanize’s coding bootcamp lasts for 12-weeks for students looking to become full-stack developers. This program gives students a strong foundation of computer science in data structures, full-stack JavaScript, frameworks, and application design or development.

  • Coding Dojo Bootcamp

Coding Dojo’s 14-week onsite coding bootcamps in San Jose is a full-time program teaching students to become full-stack engineers. Students will become experts in the fundamentals of what it takes to be a front-end developer learning HTML, CSS, and Python. Towards the end of the program, students will have several projects to complete, giving them hands-on experience and portfolio work samples.

  • Hackbright Bootcamp

Hackbright’s coding bootcamp, based out of Silicon Valley, is unique because it focuses on web-development programs only for women looking to learn programming languages like Python and JavaScript. Known as “The Engineering School for Women,” Hackbright’s coding bootcamp has a 99% graduation rate and has helped over 1,000 women start their careers in tech. 

  • Thinkful Bootcamp

Thinkful’s seven-month coding bootcamp is perfect for anyone looking to become a web developer, UX/UI designer, or software engineer. Thinkful assigns a mentor to each student while learning programming languages like Python and JavaScript. 

Are Coding Bootcamps Really Worth It?

Definitely, for those who don’t have much money or see college or university as their top choice, coding bootcamps can be a great alternative. In addition, students looking to change careers, retrain themselves or learn a new skill can easily make these changes faster by completing a coding bootcamp than a four-year degree. 

Coding bootcamps provide a more condensed learning experience that gives students a jumpstart to enter new industries and propel their careers. It’s important to point out that a four-year degree is much more in-depth and detailed, something bootcamps tend to lack. Nevertheless, coding bootcamps are worth the investment for anyone looking to learn how to code and launch their career in the tech industry.

What to Know When Choosing a Coding Bootcamp

Past Student Reviews

When looking for a coding bootcamp, it’s essential to look at third-party audit sites. These coding bootcamp reviews give a clearer idea of whether this coding bootcamp is a good fit or not. Plus, hearing what experiences past students had or when they found a job will give you a better sense of what to expect. 

Do Your Research

Before signing up for a bootcamp of any length, reach out to current teachers, former students, or companies that have hired past graduates. By investigating and asking different sources about their experience in the program or working with someone who completed the bootcamp, you can understand whether it’s a good fit for you or not. 

Check Out the Local Job Market

Take some time to check out what companies are hiring right now, their requirements, and how much those positions pay. Knowing what the current job market looks like will give you an idea if a coding bootcamp is a viable option in your area. 

Coding Bootcamp vs Degree: Which Is Better?

If you envision yourself as the VP of Engineering or CTO at Apple, Amazon, or Google, a computer science degree is your best bet. But if you’re someone looking to join a young start-up, a coding bootcamp can be the perfect fit, where you’ll be responsible for different projects and teaching yourself. 

It all comes down to what your future goals are and where you’d like to be in the next 10, 20, or 30 years. A coding bootcamp can be an excellent way to get your foot in the door and allow you to save up enough to pay for a degree in the future

Top 13 Jobs After Coding Bootcamp

Learning how to code can help open doors and let students reinvent themselves in no time at all. Below is a list of the top jobs available for anyone looking to break into the world of tech. 

  • Junior Developer

Junior developers are entry-level software developers who work under senior members assisting with design, coding, testing, revisions, and troubleshooting software. The national average salary for junior developers is $65,466 per year.

  • Data Analyst

Data analysts organize, analyze, and interrupt large chunks of data using vital statistics, coding languages, SQL skills, and have a deep love for numbers. The national average salary for data analysts is $75,547 per year.

  • Web Developer

Web developers use coding languages like CSS and HTML and work with UX/UI designers to create responsive and effective websites. Web developers write all the code for websites, then test and troubleshoot to ensure everything works. The national average salary for web developers is $78,409 per year.

  • Project Manager

Project managers are responsible for delegating different tasks, managing timelines, keeping track of budgets, and allocating resources while leading a group of technical professionals. The national average salary for project managers is $86,197 per year.

  • User Interface (UI) Designer

A UI designer creates an attractive, intuitive, and structured digital product with help from UX designers, graphic designers, and web developers. The national average salary for a UI designer is $86,539 per year.

  • Application Developer

Application developers are in charge of designing, coding, testing, revising, troubleshooting, and monitoring all software applications for mobile devices and computers. The national average salary for application developers is $91,302 per year.

  • User Experience (UX) Designer

UX designers focus on assessing the end-users needs with the help of UI designers, graphic designers, app or web developers, and product managers to create digital products such as apps or websites. The national average salary for UX designers is $102,526 per year. 

  • Product Manager

Product managers are responsible for brainstorming new product ideas, perfecting how the product functions, listening to prototypes’ feedback with the marketing and sales teams and working closely with manufacturing. The national average salary for a product manager is $105,570 per year.

  • Software Engineer

Software engineers implement prototypes and the finished product for computer software, operating systems, and apps or games. The national average salary for a software engineer is $107,265 per year.

  • Full-Stack Developer

Full-stack developers build and design websites and applications from scratch, updating front-end and back-end infrastructure. The national average salary for a full-stack developer is $111,591 per year.

  • Data Scientist

Data scientists are responsible for analyzing, organizing, and pulling insights from large amounts of data. The national average salary for data scientists is $122,901 per year.

  • Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer

Development operations engineers mediate between the development and operations teams, providing feedback and exchanging information as needed. The national average salary for a development operations engineer is $125,636 per year.

  • Back End Developer

Back-end developers look after a website or application’s server-side infrastructure, also known as the “back-end.” They’re in charge of ensuring all data’s securely stored and everything functions correctly. The national average salary for back-end developers is $128,480 per year.

Why Learn Coding at Coding Dojo?

What makes Coding Dojo’s bootcamps so unique is loads of time for hands-on experience. Coding Dojo’s coding bootcamp gives students lots of time to practice and learn from their mistakes even if they’ve never coded before. In addition, students can dabble and create digital products using the tools learned in class, ensuring that every concept completely sinks in

Students quickly become masters at programming through trial and error, understanding the different patterns and knowing what to look for when troubleshooting. In addition, coding Dojo’s approach focused on “deeper learning-by-doing” through consistent repetition gives graduates the confidence to succeed in the real world. 

About Coding Dojo’s San Jose, CA Campus

Coding Dojo’s San Jose campus, nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, is perfect for anyone looking to start their career in tech. Situated next to some of the world’s largest tech firms and home to thousands of different start-ups, Coding Dojo’s campus gives all students a great environment to learn and have access to unlimited job opportunities. 

Start Your Tech Career with Coding Dojo

Take the leap today and start your journey into the world of tech; you won’t regret it! With the help of Coding Dojo’s bootcamp, one of the leading coding bootcamps in San Jose, you’ll have the skills and knowledge employers are looking for and need. Coding Dojo has got it all, whether you’re looking for coding for beginners or part-time coding bootcamps. So hurry up and sign up today; your future is waiting!