The Best Remote Jobs You Qualify For In 14 Weeks

“The best journey takes you home.”

In the modern workforce, this sentimental quote couldn’t be any more true.

Almost 69% of all companies now allow for some sort of flexibility when it comes to where you’re able to work from.

In fact, it’s often the most in-demand employees that want perks like remote work. While only 7% of office workers are making six figures or more, 24% of people who work remotely make $100,000+ a year

If you’re somewhat aware of general job trends, it should come as no surprise that the most lucrative remote jobs have one thing in common: Code.

While the different industries accepting remote workers are varied — from healthcare to finance to education — the most common types of high-paid remote employees are in the tech that doesn’t require an attachment to anything physical.

Luckily, this is tech that you can become fluent in with 14 weeks of intensive work at Coding Dojo. 

What types of remote jobs look for the 3 full stacks our coding bootcamp teaches?

Please note that many of these positions will require you to cut your teeth and show some onsite experience before going fully remote.

Full Stack Developer

These positions require programmers to be able to work on and develop the software used on the business back-end and consumer-facing front-end of a company.

Average salary: $113,406 (Indeed)

Software Engineer

Using various programming languages, software engineers are responsible for drafting, debugging and maintaining the software that keeps companies running.

Average salary: $111,534 (Glassdoor)

Front-End Developer

These developers specialize in working on the face of a company — all the digital products their customers use. This requires coordination with other team members in the realms of product, design and UX.

Average salary: $107,050 (Indeed)

Back-End Developer

Focusing on the databases and other frameworks that make a business run and are used by the actual employees, back-end developers are the tech professionals that allow companies to function.

Average salary: $128,739 (Indeed)

Sitecore Developer

Often described as the point-person for putting together a company’s digital footprint, Sitecore Developers manage the combination of development teams, product groups and other stakeholders to launch programs on schedule.

Sitecore Developer salary: Approx. $95,000 (Indeed)

Be open to remote possibilities…

In the world of tech, high-paying remote work is already common and is only going to increase in the future.

While some experience will be required to get a company to trust you to work off-site, the underlying skills you need to be earning a white-collar career are all found in our 14-week coding bootcamp.

Apply now. It only takes 2 minutes.

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