The Most Valuable Programming Languages You Can Learn In 14 Weeks

“Be valuable… not available.”

The only reason Coding Dojo exists is that we believe that there is always going to be a better, more strategic path to the best opportunities in technology.

It’s this belief that shapes our curriculum: We only teach the programming languages that companies value now and will value even more in the future.

There are plenty of variables that inform which programming languages we teach in our bootcamp, such as wider technological developments, job requirements from real employers, advice from business owners, industry decision-makers, to name a few.

But what often matters most to our students is a cold, hard fact: How much is knowing a skill actually worth in terms of dollars?

Every year, Dice performs an audit of all things income-related in the field of tech. One of our favorite sets of information is the salaries associated with each of the programming languages and tech skills we teach.

Why? It lets us know that our grads enter the job hunt with the most in-demand, valuable skills under their belts. Let’s have a look.

The Most Valuable Languages Coding Bootcamp Teaches

Language: Angular | Salary: $115,831

Year-over-year change: +4.8%

Language: Node.js | Salary: $115,414

Year-over-year change: +9.5%

Language: Java | Salary: $114,422

Year-over-year change: +8.8%

Language: Python | Salary: $112,076

Year-over-year change: +8.2%

Language: Django | Salary: $109,078

Year-over-year change: +11.0%

Language: C# | Salary: $106,743

Year-over-year change: +5.1%

Language: SQL | Salary: $106,728

Year-over-change: +5.5%

Language: .net | Salary: $101,388

Year-over-year change: +4.3%

Language: JavaScript | Salary: $100,816

Year-over-year change: +4.1%

Language: CSS | Salary: $99,488

Year-over-year change: +7.5%

Language: HTML | Salary: $96,000

Year-over-year change: +5.9%



The Most Valuable Skills Coding Bootcamp Teaches

Skill: MongoDB | Salary: $119,256

Year-over-year change: +5.9%

Skill: AWS | Salary: $115,508 

Year-over-year change: +2.9%

Skill: GIT | Salary: $115,209

Year-over-year change: +5.2%

Skill: MySQL | Salary: $102,296

Year-over-year change: +2.3%

You’re more valuable than you think…

Plain and simple: There is no better feeling than knowing that companies want to pay you money for what’s in your brain.

If you want to take advantage of this once-in-history window to learn the programming languages & skills in-demand now and that will shape the future for the next 30 years, there is no mystery.

Over 5,000 people used our 14-week bootcamp to learn the developmental skills above. They were in the exact same spot you’re in now, but they did one thing differently: They took two minutes and applied to Coding Dojo.

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