The Smartest Investment Anyone Under 40 Can Make

If you’re under 40, the future can seem pretty grim.

Having to save decades for a house isn’t going to help for retirement. 

Investing in unicorn companies is for people who already have fortunes to gamble on them. 

Going back to school (or going for the first time) can mean you are 4 years closer to the grave, hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and nowhere near a job you actually want.

Luckily, there is a no-gimmick, fast & fulfilling thing you can invest in right now: Coding Bootcamp.

Coding Bootcamp Vs. Traditional College

In a matter of decades, going to college has gone from a necessary, affordable step in upward mobility to a financial albatross that takes years away with no guaranteed returns. And while things like the GI Bill can help veterans, we could all use another option.

Coding Bootcamps have become a crucial and, most importantly, smart alternative and complement — the numbers don’t lie.



Coding Bootcamp Vs. Real Estate

Owning property used to be a staple for the American dream. With skyrocketing housing and maintenance costs, a new generation needs a new staple to anchor their financial well-being and coding fluency is it.



Coding Bootcamp Vs. Not Learning To Code

Is something to be said for keeping your head down and working at your current job? What is the value of investing your hours in job experience rather than taking the time to learn a whole new skill set for the future? 

For the realities of Coding Bootcamp graduates, the resulting bumps in salary and quality of life are exponential.


Change Your Financial Future Right Now

How can you spend the next 2 minutes in a way that will pay off for the next 30 years? Book A Time to speak with our Admissions Team.

Good luck. We’ll see you in class.


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