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The Top 11 Tech Jobs Coding Dojo Prepares You For

In the last 30 years, no industry has built more opportunities than tech.

One of the best parts about this boom, is that people doing the hiring don’t care about traditional paths to getting these jobs. In contrast to professions like doctor or lawyer, tech companies don’t care about the number of degrees, certifications and licensing exams you have under your belt. Tech companies care about one thing: How is your code?

It’s the belief there are better, more strategic routes to the best opportunities in tech that led to the rise of coding bootcamps & technical programs.

Every year, employment resource Glassdoor puts together a list of the 50 Best Jobs In America. While there are some traditional careers that made the list — like HR Manager and Physical Therapist — the list is dominated by tech jobs that allow you to forego traditional educational paths for innovative, job-focused programs like Coding Dojo.

Here are the top 11 tech jobs Coding Dojo prepares you for in 14 weeks.

  Rank In 50 Best Jobs Of 2020 Median Base Salary Job Satisfaction No. Of Openings
1. Front-End Engineer #1 $105,240 3.9/5 13,122
2. Java Developer #2 $83,589 3.9/5 16,136
3. Data Scientist #3 $107,801 4.0/5 6,542
4. Data Engineer #6 $102,472 3.9/5 6,941
5. Software Engineer #7 $105,563 3.6/5 50,438
6. Applications Engineer #18 $76,854 3.7/5 9,550
7. Systems Engineer #27 $92,225 3.5/5 16,850
8. Software Developer #32 $80,429 3.5/5 31,909
9. Cloud Engineer #33 $110,600 3.6/5 4,668
10. QA Engineer #39 $81,632 3.8/5 3,321
11. Data Analyst #44 $62,973 3.7/5 6,848

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