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The Top 7 Reasons Alumni Recommend Coding Dojo

“I knew that if I failed I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.”

Over 5,000 people decided they wanted a better future for themselves and out of all the options available to them, they chose us.

We haven’t ever taken that responsibility lightly.

From the start, our goal has been to create the most serious alternative to college for people who are serious about learning code to upgrade their careers. Our 14-week bootcamp teaches more coding languages in less time. If you do the math, this means more intense work, but it also means more rewards.

Every year, we like to take stock of how well we’re doing our job by listening to the people who are at the center of everything we do: Our students and alumni. For 2020, here are the top 7 reasons our alumni recommend Coding Dojo.

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If you have no background in coding, it doesn’t matter

Woman writing on a whiteboard


I came into the program with zero coding experience and I learned more in 14 weeks than I thought was possible.

Anna Yung

There would be no point in what we do if we only accepted people who knew code. Our aim is to take our pupils and turn them into our peers in 14 weeks. Our curriculum and teaching methods are designed to do just that.

If you do have a tech background, bootcamp builds on it and refines it

Students in a coding bootcamp


[Coding Dojo] jumpstarted me into a web development career quickly and effectively. I’ve studied computer science for years and still gained a hefty amount of knowledge from going through this program. A+.

Alex Romero

The best way to think about how bootcamp compares with other programs is that computer science teaches you the history of urban design, but bootcamp actually teaches you to build a house. We give you the fundamentals to build and master your own code. How you match those new skills up with a UX, design or other background is magic that you create!

We teach you the three full stacks companies want (not just one stack like most bootcamps)

Ninja climbing up metaphorical coding skills to jobs


I loved that we learned three stacks as opposed to one. I feel like it gives me a great competitive edge. I have the basics of all three technologies to be able to run with any of them and learn any of them more in depth. Also, a lot of job applications look for people with multiple languages, or list that as a “preferred” qualification.

Chelsea Reynolds

We didn’t design our curriculum around three stacks, instead of one, just because it sounds good. We built our curriculum around making sure our students were fluent in the coding languages used by the world’s top companies and that they would be able to continue learning new languages on the job (rather than having to go back to school). It just turns out that three stacks is what it takes to meet that goal.

 It’s a game-changer for your career

Man talking to students at an open house


This is one of the best things I have done to further my career and wish I had done it 5 years ago.

Addis Alemayehu

When it comes down to the hard numbers, whether or not coding coding bootcamp actually gets alumni the jobs they want is the most metric. We are very happy to say that our alumni are killing it. With average starting salaries of $76,500, amazing job titles like Full-Stack Developer, Software Engineer & Product Manager, and companies like Amazon, Microsoft & Google hiring them, our alumni are changing the world line of code by line of code.

It helps you at life, not just getting a job

Students collaborating in a Coding Dojo bootcamp


I recommend Coding Dojo because of how resourceful I have become after graduation, they supply a rigorous curriculum with a highly integrated, relaxed, and creative environment. Being resourceful for me means being a critical thinker, as well as having the resource you might need to succeed in any environment.

James Green

One of the great side effects of learning something from scratch is that it teaches you how to take in new information and apply it to life right away. Once you do it with code, you have the resources and confidence to seek out new challenges and tackle them without being dissuaded.

You get what you put in

Instructor teaching in a Coding Dojo bootcamp


Although it is far from “easy,” each student walks away with exactly what the put into each stack. If you’re a student who is willing to push through when things get tough… the fulltime online/onsite programs are for you. A+.

Tramble Tomerlin

Much like a fitness bootcamp, if you do the work in coding bootcamp, you see the results. We tell students this before we ever accept them: This is going to be one of the hardest things you will ever do, but you have no idea how much you can surprise yourself until you try.

The instructors and your fellow students are awesome


The instructors were awesome and knowledgeable. My cohort worked as a team and helped each other out.

Vero Dalton-Robes

To be clear: The fact that each group of students works together as a team and helps each other while building lifelong connections is a feature of our program, not a bug. Under the eye of instructors who come from the real world of tech, your cohort is designed to make sure you stay competitive, encouraged and always ready to embrace the next challenge, together.

Wanted: Awesome students

Our 14-week coding bootcamps are starting all the time. The one that could change you career forever could be be just a week away.

If you have the drive, it’s time to get to work.

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