Top Careers For Full Stack Developers

Computers now do a great majority of human’s daily mundane tasks. Their form and function, internet capabilities, and now even our smartphones working as mini hand-held computers make shopping, communicating, and accessing limitless information remarkably easy. This daily growth of technology changes the way we live, and the way of the future.

And of course, technology is changing the way many of us work and earn our living. So first, we dove into the world of tech jobs and compiled a list of the Top 10 Tech Jobs in the US. And with the rise of technology, there is a rise in developers. Our students at Coding Dojo train to become full-stack developers and so we thought it would be useful to compile a list of the Top 5 Careers for Full Stack Developers in their arena as well! And for those who don’t know much about full-stack development, or What Is Coding? there’s info on that below as well. Enjoy.

Top 10 Tech Jobs
For two years in a row, software development ranked as the most in-demand job in the US. Big tech companies like Google, Amazon, Intel, and Microsoft, are always on the lookout for talented developers.

The following list contains the top 10 tech jobs for the year 2019 according to US News:

  • Software Developer Software development is involved with creating, documenting, conceptualizing, programming,  improving, testing and maintaining software, software components, and frameworks.
  • Computer Systems Analyst Computer systems analysts, often called systems architects, study a company’s current computer systems and procedures and develop solutions to help the company operate efficiently and effectively.
  • IT Manager Information technology managers are involved with planning, coordinating and directing activities that deal with the computer and information systems of a company. IT managers are in charge of the installation and maintenance of the hardware, software and the network of an organization.
  • Information Security Analyst Information security analysts are responsible for installing software, such as firewalls, to protect a company’s computer networks. Information security analysts’ main role is to plan and carry out security measures that protect an organization’s computer networks and systems. Information Security Analysts are paramount because of the increase in the number of cyber attacks.
  • Database Administrator The responsibility of a database administrator(DBA) is the performance, integrity, and security of a database. They are involved in the planning and development of the database, as well as troubleshooting any issues encountered by the users.
  • Web developer A Web Developer designs and layouts a website based on the specifications of a company. The role of a web developer is to consider user experience and function, so knowledge on both graphic design and computer programming is necessary.
  • Computer Network Architect A Computer network architects’ main responsibility is to build and design data communication networks, including wide area networks (WANs), local area networks (LANs), and intranets. Network architects must have an immense knowledge of a company’s business plan to create a network that will help the company achieve its goals.
  • Computer Systems Administrator The primary role of a computer systems administrator is to maintain a company’s workflow and keep its lines of communication open. Computer systems administrators are responsible for the maintenance, repair, configuration, and the reliable operation of computer systems; especially multi-user computers, such as servers.
  • Computer Support Specialist A Network support specialist is involved with analyzing, troubleshooting, and evaluating problems in the computer network. A Computer support specialist’s role is to provide technical support or assistance to computer users and companies.
  • Computer Programmer   A computer programmer is mainly responsible for designing, writing, testing, debugging and maintaining the source code of computer programs. These source codes are written in different programming languages so the computer can ‘understand’ it and perform a developer’s commands.
Job Title Job Postings Projected Jobs (2016-2026) Median Salary Unemployment Rate
Software Developer 102,521 255,400 $101,790 1.9%
Computer Systems Analyst 36,397 54,400 $88,270 2.1%
IT Manager 40,606 44,200 $139,220 2.4%
Information Security Analyst 26,839 28,500 $95,510 4.1%
Database Administrator 14,148 13,700 $87,020 1.1%
Web developer 45,250 24,400 $67,990 3.8%
Computer Network Architect 7,210 10,500 $104,650 1.9%
Computer Systems Administrator 29,340 24,000 $81,100 1.0%
Computer Support Specialist 51,457 88,500 $62,340 4.2%
Computer Programmer 7,569 -21,300 $82,240 2.5%

These data are based on job postings from and from U.S.News Best Tech Jobs ranking for 2019 as per time of writing.

Whether it comes to health, education, marketing, security, finance, customer service or design, every industry seems to need someone who has an adept knowledge on using and commanding the computer. We call them developers. By the year 2020, 5 million jobs are predicted to become automated. At the same time, tech jobs will remain, becoming many of ‘non-tech’ types chance to fitting into the future. Learning how to code, no matter how daunting, challenging or exhausting it is, doesn’t really have a downside. And at Coding Dojo, we know anyone can learn how to code! Looking at the data, the time is now.

What is Coding?

Computer code

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Before we dive into the Top 5 Careers for Full Stack Developers it’s important to understand coding, and what a full stack developer is.
Coding is the act of writing a script using different programming languages that a computer can understand so it can perform whatever a developer wants it to do. Coding made it possible to create and build websites, web and mobile applications.

There are two sides of web development: the front-end or client-side and the back-end or server-side. Front-end development is involved with the design of a website which the users see and interact with using HTML, CSS, and Javascript whereas back-end development is involved with the database and servers of a website using programming languages like PHP, RUBY, Python, SQL, and Node.js. Front-end developers create a static website while back-end developers create a dynamic website.

A full-stack developer, however, is someone who can do both the front-end and back-end side of web development. Full stack developers possess knowledge for building everything that users see and interact with on a website as well as designing the overall structure of a web application.

Top Careers for Full Stack Developers
Because of the versatility of a full stack developer, finding a job is easy because they are what the employers are looking for. Below is the list of the top careers for full stack developers:

  1. Full Stack Developer – Full stack development, as mentioned above is a combination of front-end and back-end work. Full-stack development is considered to be one of the high-end jobs in the tech industry. For Full Stack Software Developers, the median salary is $86,326/year.
  2. Back-End Developer – Back-end development is the opposite of front-end development. While front-end development revolves around the user interface, back-end development is concerned with the actual logic behind the application. The median salary of a web designer is $92,489/year.
  3. Front-End Developer – Front-end developers, just like web designing, has extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The difference is that front-end development is not used for designing a website and involves a little bit of back-end. The median salary of a web designer is $92,211/year.
  4. Web Developer – Unlike front-end development, web development is more involved on the back-end side of the website. Web developers are skilled in programming languages like Python, Ruby, PHP, etc. The median salary of a web designer is $73,552/year.
  5. Web Designer – Web Designers create the designs and the look for a website. In order to do this, developers use design tools, HTML, CSS, and slight JavaScript. The median salary of a web designer is $58,717/year.

Based on the list above, the future is bright for full-stack developers. As technology moves forward, the demand for developers will continue to increase. And today, the need for developers is higher than the supply.

Coding Dojo is the only boot camp in the world that offers three full stacks in 14 weeks. Coding Dojo helps experienced and new developers to become self-sufficient, full-stack developers in fourteen weeks. Most of our alumni have little to no coding experience prior to boot camp and now work at major tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Apple. With Coding Dojo becoming a full-stack developer just takes persistence and hard work!

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