Uber and Coding Dojo “Hackathon for a Cause” Winners Launch TextBER

It’s an exciting day for all of us at Coding Dojo! The winners of last month’s “Hackathon for a Cause,” sponsored by Coding Dojo and Uber, are officially launching their text-to-ride app – TextBER Beta.

Although it may be hard to imagine a world without smartphones, this is the reality for most of the world. Team Textber (Arash, Josh, Uyanga, Jeff, and Tarun) decided to solve this issue by creating an app that allowed users to access services like Uber without the need of a smartphone.

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Team TextBER

Using Uber’s Request endpoint, Twilio API, and several other services, the team was able to create an app that requests an Uber via SMS. The only thing that the user has to do to get started is authenticate and input their phone number. Once setup is complete, users can simply text their location and destination in the app and an Uber will be on its way to pick them up. The team even noted that with some additional time, they’ll include a speech-to-text feature which would also allow users to request an Uber using voice commands. 

Sign-up for TextBER and see how it works by visiting www.TextBER.com.

You can also check out a write-up by Forbes’ Ellen Huet, “No Smartphone? Now You Can Hail An Uber Via Text Message.”


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