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Why You Should Hire Bootcamp Graduates

Over the last decade, bootcamps have become an increasingly popular way for people to start a career in tech. What is largely perceived to be a field that only accepts college graduates is actually open to all who can prove their skill, whether that be as a coder, data scientist, cybersecurity expert, or designer.

Bootcamps, originally founded as coding bootcamps, gives students a crash course to get them up to scratch and ready for an entry-level tech position. Instead of a 2- or 4-year degree, bootcamps teach prospective tech employees the skills they need in anywhere from six to 28 weeks.

Bootcamps are also a much more accessible form of education compared to colleges. The cost of a 4-year degree averages out to around $100,000, although it varies depending on the type of school or status of the school.

Even after scholarships, that’s a cost that is simply too much to take on for many Americans. That’s especially true after factoring in student loan interest that many students are saddled with for decades. 

Bootcamps, on the other hand, cost far less than your average degree. For example, Coding Dojo’s software development bootcamps cost from $9,995 to $16,996 depending on the course. Plus, even with a lower price, students are eligible for several scholarships and payment methods that can reduce costs.

So, it seems obvious why an increasing number of people are enrolling in bootcamps yearly. But why should you hire them?  Let’s take a deeper look at why your company should hire bootcamp graduates.


Graduates of bootcamps are new to the field and thus extremely motivated to prove themselves and grow. Many of them have been working for years in jobs that didn’t motivate them or didn’t value them.

There’s a new lease on life for those who at one time thought they were stuck in a dead-end job. In the end, they’ve not only found a career that once seemed out of their reach, but they’re also entering a field that is only seeing growth when it comes to job numbers and salary 

Technically Stronger

Bootcamps also give students real-world experience they might not get in college or university settings. For example, Coding Dojo’s UI/UX design bootcamp allows students to create a real-life client project for several weeks. That means they’re meeting with stakeholders, interviewing potential users, creating wireframes, and ultimately presenting their design to the client.

That’s almost impossible to get at a university unless a student finds an internship, which often asks them to only do menial work.

Similarly, software developers who get a computer science degree largely don’t get the practical coding experience they could get from a bootcamp. Most computer science programs focus on theory and less on actual coding, so students have to spend time on their own learning programming languages.

Fresh Ideas, Fresh Skills

Another positive about hiring bootcamp graduates, especially recent ones, is their ability to bring fresh ideas to the table. Bootcamp curriculums are constantly changing to include the latest trends, technologies, and programming languages.

That means recent bootcamp graduates are coming to their new companies with fresh knowledge and ideas other senior employees may night be aware of or trained on.

In addition, graduates of Coding Dojo’s software developers are coming out of the program as full-stack developers. That means they’re well-rounded programmers who come to your company and can work frontend, backend, or in your database.

Building a Company Culture

If you’re looking to build a company culture that can last and entice highly skilled workers, you should be hiring employees from the ground up. That means hiring recent grads to junior-level roles while promoting from within to mid- and senior-level roles instead of hiring from the outside.

On top of that, bootcamp graduates tend to come from different backgrounds compared to those with a 4-year degree. Hiring diverse talent not only helps them and their community but countless studies that prove diversity among employees and leadership improves company performance.

Combined with their motivation, technical knowledge, and fresh ideas, bootcamp grads make for a great leader