Coding Dojo Hosts Sosho Chang (Software Development Engineer, Presdo)

It’s common for software development to turn from a fun hobby to a full-time loving relationship for many. We’ve had a number of students in the bootcamp who had picked up programming as a fun side project. They usually end up falling in love with it so much that they decided to pursue the challenge of making it their career.

Sosho Chang was one of those inspired students and it was fantastic having him at our bootcamp! He was able to snag a full-time position in about a week after he graduated from our program – a very impressive accomplishment for someone entering the work-force at a junior level.

We welcome all of our alumni to stop by and say hello and we’re extra pumped when they want to do a Tech Talk! Here are a few key takeaways from our chat:

  • Programming is really powerful
  • Coding Dojo helped a bunch in understanding the web and prepping for interviews
  • PHP has value as you understand what goes on behind the scenes
  • Ninjas having a snowball fight is pretty cool
  • One of the marks of a good engineer is figuring out how to do things that you’ve never done before

Thanks, Sosho!

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