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How to Choose a Coding Bootcamp

Over the past few years, coding bootcamps have become an increasingly popular route for those seeking a career in the tech industry. According to a report by Career Karma, 44,254 people attended or graduated from a coding bootcamp. That number grows year-over-year. But, with so many different bootcamps out there, how do you choose a coding bootcamp?

As the tech industry continues to grow, a range of learning opportunities will emerge to meet the demand of those eager to hone their skills. Plus, coding bootcamps offer students a quick, concise educational platform to study their desired niche.

Interested in this exciting path? We’ll tell you what you how to choose a coding bootcamp for you. Here you’ll have everything needed to build a fruitful career filled with limitless professional potential.

How to Get Into a Coding Bootcamp?

Before choosing a coding bootcamp, here’s the some basic info you should know in your search.


With hundreds of bootcamps available, you must pinpoint ten or fewer programs that match your specific needs. Consider factors such as:

  • Location
  • Course material
  • Duration
  • Price
  • Time needed to commit
  • Flexibility offered


It may take one to three months to get into a coding bootcamp. Programs may ask you to complete various challenges or projects to demonstrate your abilities. It will be helpful to familiarize yourself with the basics of coding before beginning the process. There plenty of online coding resources that can help you get up to speed.


Applications are typically found on a program’s website, and many ask for a brief essay describing your reasons for applying. This is your first chance to sell yourself as a strong candidate. Be sure to portray yourself accurately.


Expect an informative, friendly meeting with a team of program representatives. Following the interview, most schools will then assign you a coding challenge to complete. Upon successful completion, you may receive an invitation for a final screening.

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How to Prepare for Coding Bootcamp?

As mentioned, adequate preparation before joining any coding bootcamp program is essential. This is not only to increase the odds of acceptance but also to ensure you’ll get the most out of your program – setting you up for success further down the road. Plenty of bootcamps, like Coding Dojo, offer workshops and other resources to aid your prep work.

Remember, coding is a complex, challenging field; those who thrive have a passion for the subject and a general love for technology.

It’s highly recommended that you put in as much preparatory work as possible. Make use of the extensive selection of complementary coding resources available online. Here you can brush up on the fundamentals as you prepare yourself for a coding bootcamp. As a result, you’ll gain valuable experience and be one step ahead of your peers.

Be aware that this area of study is rapidly evolving, regularly adapting new approaches or techniques. Therefore, it’s essential to carefully assess goals and pinpoint material that brings you closer to them. 

There is, of course, no one-size-fits-all coding bootcamp. Be sure to look at the options and determine what fits your needs as a learner and aspiring professional. 

How Much Does Coding Bootcamp Cost?

Programs are an investment in your future. The average coding bootcamp runs $11,500 while some exceed $20,000. This figure may seem like a significant commitment, but a long-term assessment reveals the fruitful careers ahead. Following completion, you will find this initial out-of-pocket expense is quickly offset by the favorable positions that become available.

For many working adults, time is also a major concern. You’ll need to know how much time is required to study and how to balance this commitment with other priorities such as family or work. Chances are, an intensive schedule will get in the way of any existing responsibilities. You may have to put some things aside. Be sure to consider the implications.

Luckily, flexible payment options make it easier than ever for learners to join a coding program. Although traditional student loans are not available, many schools offer scholarships to candidates based on a range of criteria. Some programs even work closely with financing companies to help you cover tuition costs. Rest assured, determined students will always find a way to secure the necessary funds.

Thake a look at what Coding Dojo offers to help you finance your career change, for example.

How Long Is Coding Bootcamp?

In most cases, the time you spend at a coding bootcamp is dependent on your flexibility and availability. For example, if you have other financial obligations, then a shorter or more intensive course may be the best fit for you. Also, it’s best to save up some money to invest in a longer, more thorough program.

Average Coding Bootcamp durations:

  • Coding bootcamps can last one week up to six months or more. 
  • Full-time coding schools typically run for an average of twelve weeks.
  • Part-time programs usually last up to twenty-four weeks. 

Be sure the timeline meets your specific needs as a student. It’s important to keep availability, budget, preferred learning style, and personal goals in mind when making this decision.

Be aware that the length of a program directly corresponds to the expected daily time commitment and level of intensity. How long you spend may also be related to your level of competence when entering the course. Beginners will likely take a longer course while an experienced professional could complete it faster.

How to Choose a Coding Bootcamp 

By now, you should have a broad understanding of how to decide which coding bootcamp is the best option for you. It’s a big decision for anyone trying to kickstart a career in tech. Be sure to look at every factor as you consider what coding bootcamp works for you. A bit of due diligence on your behalf will go a long way when it comes time to make your selection

If you are an independent learner and are comfortable working with little face-to-face guidance, then an online, home-based bootcamp may be a good option. However, if you enjoy social settings and already live in an urban area, consider an in-person bootcamp nearby. There are several choices, so don’t hesitate to weigh the pros and cons at your own pace.

With your passions and goals in mind, be sure you are settling on a coding bootcamp that will help you reach where you want to be. Online student reviews help you get a better idea of student experiences and where they have ended up. It is your coding journey, so make sure you set off on the right course.

What to Expect From a Coding Bootcamp

Coding bootcamps are an excellent way for newcomers to gain real-life experience in a growing niche. Not only will you get a feel for what it’s like in the world of coding, but bootcamps also give you the chance to network with pros and employers. Mingling with knowledgeable professionals and learning from their experiences offers students a taste of what is on the horizon.

Approaching coding bootcamp with adequate preparation and realistic expectations allows you to get the most out of your experience. Be sure to use your time wisely and make a good impression every step of the way. Make no mistake; it’s hard work. However, with the right mindset and work ethic, you’ll accomplish the extraordinary in record time.

Want to Learn How to Code?

Each day, there are more options alongside the dynamic, rapidly expanding tech industry. A steadily growing tech-ed option, coding bootcamps are excellent for those seeking a career change or upgrade. 

Now is a great time to explore the opportunities available to learners like you. If you play your cards right, you can even land an offer upon completion of the program. Anything is possible as you begin this exciting new chapter in an ever-growing field.