Sometimes it can be difficult to learn new skills or concepts without proper guidance, or examples to follow. However, the human ability to learn from our environment and co-habitants makes us teachable, intelligent, and adaptable to change.

A great way to encourage this human growth is by encouraging, or seeking out a mentorship with someone who will guide you. Looking through the history of great developers, it’s no surprise that Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs — just to name a few of the greats — all had powerful, experienced mentors affording them creativity and upward mobility.  

Thousands of people want to learn how to code and enter the web development industry, but a major problem arises right away: where to start, where to find the latest and best information?

It’s easy to buy a book about programming, a little harder to read it thoroughly, but definitely doable. It’s also very probable that searching the web for tutorials can give tons of knowledge on how one language/framework works.

But this process is ultimately lacking.

It doesn’t give the full, hands-on experience needed to learn, leaving the beginning developer with tons of disjointed, insufficient information. Calling on mentorship from experienced developers arises in response to this need.

At Coding Dojo we encourage mentorship at every step: our instructors, program managers, and career managers all act as built-in mentors, guiding you with experience and knowledge around their individual areas of expertise.  

According to a study, learning one-on-one with a mentor can profoundly impact your performance and ability to improve. In support, here are the seven key benefits to be gained out of a mentorship:


1. Mentoring can accelerate your learning in a short span of time.

2. Mentoring can give you immediate responses or feedbacks to most of your questions.

3. Mentoring can help you stay grounded and open-minded.

4. Mentoring can create smart business decisions and overcome workplace challenges.

5. Mentoring can help you avoid distractions and eliminate uncertainties.

6. Mentoring can help you navigate your path towards your career goals.

7. Mentoring can inspire you to do more to develop your skills and potentials.

Dating back to the Greco-roman era, mentorship is one of the best methods to impart knowledge and skills. It’s an open secret to success. Great leaders/rulers, famous personalities, politicians, artists, craftsmen, heroes, and legends have come about from the aid of a mentor, navigating the waters and lending assistance to those who have sought it.

Nowadays, most successful tech companies with skilled engineering teams, Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft, all invest in continuous staff training and mentorship programs.  The American Society for Training and Development finds that 70% of Fortune 500 companies agreed that mentorship helped career growth, with 75% of executives crediting their progress and promotion to their mentors.


Of course, having a mentor isn’t a requirement to be a developer; self-learning or self-teaching can save money without disrupting your busy schedule and learning style. Yet it’s been shown time and time again that effective mentoring is the way to go if you aim to make quick, successful progress with the task at hand.

Still not convinced? Here’s a list of brilliant minds, and the mentors who guided them:

The Power of Mentorship Inner 2 - Copy - Copy (2)

According to, the mentor-mentee relationship starts with a mutual connection. This could be anything from shared interest, to a commitment to the same worldview, values, or overall goals. They also state that mentors often select protégés based on their performance and potential; a discovery process embedded into Coding Dojo’s admissions.

Even though mentorship is not permanent, it has endless benefits to both mentor and mentee, especially in the world of tech and development.

That’s because it’s more than just passing the torch of wisdom and prowess to the next generation of developers; it’s a significant legacy that ensures individuals will grow to their highest potential.  Thus, as a new coder, engaging with various communities that align with your goals can allow you to find a suitable mentor.

Remember, an excellent mentor can help you grow as a developer regardless of their age, gender, appearance, or cultural background. And you need to do your part as well — work hard to make it happen.

This is the culture we possess at Coding Dojo.  To get yourself on track when starting a career in programming, or even changing your career, it’s well advised to find an amazing mentor — go ahead and contact one of our Program Success Managers, they await the opportunity to provide you with instruction, learning materials, and an in-depth mentorship.

At Coding Dojo, we help people start their web development career. We have an immersive environment that transforms new developers into self-sufficient and competent developers within 14 weeks. So, join us!

If you’re interested in learning more about web development, visit our website:

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