We love our ninjas, yes we do!

Coding Dojo is honored to have such great, eager, students. Every bootcamp cycle we are so impressed by the ability of people who have very little programming experience to be on their way to be superstar developers.

It’s a love that we’re happy to say is mutual! Check out what our most recent bootcamp graduates have to say and where they are now.

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Toni Chau

Coding Dojo: Where are you working now?

Toni: I’ll be interning with a company called Avira for three months doing mostly front end work. I think there’s the possibility of full time employment, but I’ll have to re-assess once those three months are up. Gaya and I are also working on a side project for a startup company based in the Valley. They need a static website, so we’ll be designing it for them.

Coding Dojo: Are you working on any other projects?

Toni: As for what I’ve been working on.. I’ve redone a lot of the course material just to keep it fresh in my mind. It’s definitely helped, and now I’m trying to think up some projects to build. I’m also enrolled in C++ and Linux classes through Foothill College, and so it’s been great fun learning those technologies. The Dojo has definitely helped out with those classes. Some of those assignments are a breeze after what we’ve been through =).
Bob Bellandi

Coding Dojo: Where are you working now?

Bob: I am working as a contractor for Silicon Image in Sunnyvale. Their staff and I are revising their website to incorporate responsive design. I found the job through a recruiter.

I credit my time at the Coding Dojo’s teachers, especially Michael. for the new-found confidence and discipline that I bring to my work. Thank you!

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