Coding Dojo launches Java course

Coding Dojo is raising the bar yet again, with the addition of a full-stack course in Java/Spring

Java is used at almost every company in the world. Known for its power and speed, Java has become one of the most popular programming languages on the market where every company wants to leverage it as a backend service. At Coding Dojo, we want to make our students the best developers they can be, which led us to find a way to teach Java to complete beginners. There is an extensive job market for Java developers across the country due to the high number of companies who develop using Java. With hardly any bootcamps providing the opportunity to learn this popular language, Coding Dojo stands ready to train thousands of students the ins and outs of Java.

We’ve known for some time that Java was an important language that belonged in our curriculum,” states Speros Misirlakis, Head of Curriculum for Coding Dojo, “but it takes more than just a set of assignments to create an effective course.  We felt we couldn’t offer it until we really ‘cracked the code’ on how to teach Java to students from all backgrounds.”

Coding Dojo has a long history of curriculum innovation. After last year’s addition of open-source, cross-platform C# / ASP.NET Core, we now cover six different technology stacks (Python/Django, MEAN, Ruby on Rails, LAMP, iOS/Swift and C#/ASP.NET Core), as well as short-form content in React and other areas – a curriculum unmatched by any competitor. Despite being one of the most important programming languages, Coding Dojo will be one of the only coding bootcamps to offer Java as a part of a multi-stack immersive program.

We are very excited about this new stack,” continues Misirlakis.  “It usually takes a couple of years to get into Java in college computer science programs, but we have figured out how to level you up in just one month, as a part of our 14-week onsite program.”

Most web programming bootcamps teach only interpreted languages such as Ruby, JavaScript or Python.  With the addition of Java, Coding Dojo now has three industry-standard compiled languages – Java, C# and Swift – solidifying our position as the leader in immersive software technology education. Learning such a diverse range of technologies will open up more avenues of success in the job market, allowing our students to choose the companies that best fit their skill set. Learning a language that is clearly in demand and is used by every major company makes you more hirable.


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Java is one of the most heavily-used programming languages today, with heavy usage at retail giants such as Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Starbucks as well as technology giants such as Google, LinkedIn, and many others.  As we discovered recently, demand for different programming languages can vary from region to region, but Java is in strong demand across the country.  By adding this, we help fit our program not only to what students want but also what companies need.

By continually moving to cover what companies need in engineering talent, Coding Dojo intends to create an environment where students feel confident that what they learn at Coding Dojo will open entry-level opportunities that would not otherwise have been available. Coding Dojo’s tradition has been to create self-sufficient developers who can learn any technology, however, when we are able to meet the demand of the job market and effectively teach that technology, it’s a win–win. Our students will be more successful than ever due to learning Java.

Coding Dojo is very excited to announce our Java/Spring course is available now, at our bootcamp locations across the United States.  Just as we did when first offering three web stacks, and again when we expanded into iOS/Swift, and into C#/ASP.NET Core, we are yet again proving that we can match the needs of industry, outpace the competition, and bring the most opportunity and value to our students.

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