Introducing Coding Dojo’s New Part-Time Product Management Bootcamp!

If you’ve ever loved an app, a website or an online service, there is an amazing product manager responsible for it. And now, those product managers will have started their journeys at Coding Dojo.

Sitting at the center of development, research, marketing, sales and operations, Product Managers are the key employees tasked with bringing the creations consumers & businesses love to life and keeping them that way.

As part of our continued mission to provide a better path to the best opportunities in tech, Coding Dojo is helping individuals from all backgrounds make the next great leap in their careers with our Part-Time Product Management Bootcamp.

Over the course of 8 weeks, this part-time online bootcamp uses real-world cases, assignments and projects to make students fluent in the research, analysis, development and management of a viable product. 

Taught by individuals who have helped shape the world of modern product management, our lead instructor Dev Bala has crafted a curriculum built from his 20-year experience in launching products for the tech leaders like Google, Microsoft and Facebook.

Our next bootcamp starts October 12th!

Let’s chat 15 minutes and see if Product Management is the next great leap in your career. Book a time now.

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