An Adaptive Curriculum for Student Success

At Coding Dojo, we believe that an adaptive curriculum leads to student success. We strive to keep our curriculum up-to-date, aligning with the latest technology trends in the U.S. With our view of the development landscape and constant student feedback, we refine and create content to fit the needs of the industry. To achieve the best success for each student, we allow each center to adapt which stacks are taught. For example, this allows a D.C. student to meet the specific requirements of the developer positions for their city, while a student in San Jose can meet the specific demands of that job market.

For each major city, the most popular programming language will be different. This is likely due to a few factors – the highest impact being the presence of certain large companies. Each company invests in certain technologies to meet the demand of their consumer base and in doing so, drives the need for those specific developers. With this shift occurring, these regions face one problem: where will the developers who possess the skills come from?

As these companies shift their openings towards new technologies, we’ll adapt our curriculum to meet that demand. These new opportunities and trends, alter and enhance the programming landscape with little regard to the existing ecosystem. To provide the best opportunity for a developer of any experience level, we’ve done some research about the top programming languages in 11 major U.S. cities (the top 10 Nielson media markets and our headquarter city of Seattle). Looking over the landscape, we can see how a large corporation could drive the demand for a certain programming language.




As one could infer in the infographic above, each city has its own localized demand for a specific programming language. The largest takeaway is that coding is regional. Each region has a different ecosystem that drives the market towards one programming language over another. With the concept of regional-based language popularity in place, Coding Dojo can best position itself to meet demands in a regional scope – where it is focused on what language provides the most opportunities for a developer.

As a student looking to learn or if you’re already an experienced developer, this information can help shape your career path. For example, if you’re interested in an east coast city such as New York, you can see large companies like Bloomberg driving the need for JavaScript developers. Having this knowledge enables you to pivot your skill set to meet that demand. Another example is Chicago, where a large percentage of their market consists of Python. Once again, as we look at the large companies that make up this market, a great example is Google, we can note that this leaves a lasting demand for developers to meet that skill requirement. This goes for each city and their unique markets.

One special case is present though: JavaScript. If we look at the need for JavaScript, across the board, this seems to be the safest language to learn – noticing that each city requires more JavaScript front-end developers than back-end can help direct you towards learning the newest trending front-end technology such as React versus deep diving into Node.




Coding Dojo is unique in the fact that we teach three full stacks. This allows us the flexibility required to look at each region we are invested in and cater to what the market demands. You should not have to learn Ruby on Rails in a market that will not support a Ruby on Rails job. As any developer knows, your skill set is a trade that is crafted to fit the need of the industry. With each large corporation shaping their individual region, the best possible outcome is to be employable in that regional market. Coding Dojo’s future of teaching stacks is related to market demand, a Coding Dojo student in Seattle, who learns Python, MEAN and C#, is well equipped to enter the Seattle job market, giving them a practical language that will allow them to contribute to a team more effectively. Regional based coding bootcamps are a revolutionary idea that provides the best outcome for a student.

To take a closer look at which languages we offer and at which locations, please check out our Coding Dojo Curriculum.

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