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How Coding Bootcamps Help You Get a Job

Ready to make the switch many current coders have?  Wondering how coding bootcamp help you get a job?

It’s likely you’ve heard plenty of good and bad about coding bootcamps, but the big question is: do coding bootcamps get you a job? Can really get the skills you need to land a new tech job in just a few short weeks?

You absolutely can, but only if you choose the right bootcamp.

It’s not enough to get the right skills. You also need the right career support alongside your education to help you enter the workplace confidently. That’s what makes Coding Dojo the ideal bootcamp. Our career development team is dedicated to your success from day one. Here’s a look at how we do it.

Do Coding Bootcamps Get You Jobs?

The short answer is yes. The best coding bootcamps boast a job placement rate within six months of graduation of over 80 percent.

From the moment you’re accepted to a Coding Dojo bootcamp, we send you a questionnaire to learn about the career support you need. That way, we make sure you get the right level of help. We’re proud to welcome students from a diverse mix of backgrounds with equally diverse needs.

Some students join with long careers under their belts, and some are fresh out of high school. Many students are military veterans, and others have never written a single line of code. Whatever your background, whatever your experience level, we’re here to support you. Here are a few of the ways we help you get the job you deserve.

Here’s what else Coding Dojo offers to help you get an entry-level software development job.

Work With a Coding Mentor

Meet one on one with our career development team as often as you need. We can advise you on different industries and the jobs available, as well as guide you to the best fit for your career goals.

Mock Interviews

Job interviews can be intimidating – even for the most seasoned professional. The best way to gain more confidence in an interview situation is practice, practice, practice. We offer mock job interviews where we ask the same questions you’ll likely be asked in a real interview. This gives you the chance to fine-tune your answers and get specific feedback from our team.

Resume Support

As you know, the job market is extremely competitive. In fact, there are 250 applicants on average for every corporate job opening (Glassdoor). So you’ll need to stand out if you want a great job at a top company. Especially since recruiters spend an average of seven seconds looking at your resume. Keep their attention with the right formatting and word choice. We know what makes hiring managers fall in love with your resume.

Networking Guides

So, you might be an ace at computer networking – but how are you at human networking? At Coding Dojo, you’ll have the chance to hone your skills by meeting influential leaders in the tech industry, like CEOs, recruiters, and Coding Dojo alumni. These events are great opportunities to build your network. And you’ll need that well-connected network later on since more than half of jobs are never advertised.

Brush Up Your LinkedIn Profile

We also help you tune up your professional online presence, starting with LinkedIn. Whether you already have a LinkedIn profile or not, there are always ways to improve it to attract job offers. As Eric Fang (a 2019 grad and videoconference software engineer) put it:

 I got a job 1 month out of the bootcamp because career services connected me with my current employer. They also helped me polish my resume and LinkedIn. Without their help, I would not have a job right now.”

Review your GitHub

One of your first assignments is setting up a repository on GitHub – a software development hosting site. We can review your “repo” and social networking presence on GitHub to make sure you’re presenting your work in the best possible light. After all, it’s common for employers to Google applicants online before inviting them to an interview. We help you make a great impression long before you’re in the hot seat.

Hunt for Job Openings

Our support doesn’t end when bootcamp is over. We continue to support our graduates as they apply for jobs – with ongoing mock interviews, resume tweaks, and career guidance. We also use our own extensive network (and the Coding Dojo’s excellent reputation) to find openings for our graduates. We track down opportunities and send them your way. You’ll obviously have to pull your share of the weight by applying, but we will do everything in our power to get you the job you deserve.

Does Coding Dojo guarantee students a job?

Ultimately, the best guarantee Coding Dojo could give you is teaching skills that employers want. You’ll learn coding languages that all the top tech companies demand, and you’ll leave with an impressive portfolio to show employers. We couple your hard work with lifetime career guidance. That way, you are giving yourself the best possible chance to succeed.

We can’t guarantee you a job, because your success is ultimately down to you. And if you’ve read our course reviews, you’ll see that Coding Dojo students get out exactly what they put in. But we will do everything we can to stack the odds in your favor. Our results speak for themselves and we continue to see new Coding Dojo success stories everyday.

Our job is to help you get a job

Bottom line: the Coding Dojo formula works. Skills plus careers guidance will give you the edge every time. We’ve helped graduates find jobs at some of the world’s most desirable tech companies, including Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. We know you have options when it comes to choosing a coding bootcamp.

But take a look at our student reviews and you’ll see why we’re confident you won’t find a better program to kickstart your career. As graduate Patsy Price, a solutions consultant at New Relic Inc, said:

Coding Dojo had many career resources to help me after I finished my job search. So it was an easy choice to sign up to attend Coding Dojo.”

We can’t wait to help you walk confidently into the new future you deserve. See you at the bootcamp.