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Our Alumni’s Journey To Success

Although prior experience is helpful, our alumni are proof that regardless of background, your passion is the ultimate prerequisite for success within our coding bootcamp. Whether you're new to coding or an experienced developer, if you're ready to fully commit to our program–the most rigorous in the industry–you'll find success.

Here, they share their Coding Dojo bootcamp reviews and journeys to victory.

Abbey shares her Coding Dojo bootcamp review and experience
Abbey Charles

The Creative Learner

Digital Producer, Former Copywriter

In the end, the most important thing I learned was how to learn, which is really the most valuable thing the program gives you.

Shivani shares her Coding Dojo bootcamp review and experience
Shivani Bhardwaj

The Challenger

Ruby Developer

But if you can work thru those difficult moments, you will be able to succeed and you will be able to take away so much from a bootcamp like this.

Kyle shares his Coding Dojo bootcamp review and experience
Kyle halterman

The Trailblazer Developer

Application Developer, Former Fisherman

It's great to learn every aspect of it and to really see how everything work together.

Charlie shares his Coding Dojo bootcamp review and experience
Charlie Huang

The Career Strategist

Software Engineer, Former Bioengineer

If you’re coming in with little to no coding experience, then a bootcamp will greatly accelerate your learning and, more importantly, will teach you how to learn...

Patsy shares her Coding Dojo bootcamp review and experience
Patsy Price

The Philomath Developer

Full Time Developer, Former Program Manager

You have to want it and be willing to work hard. It's okay to make mistakes. You refactor and try again.

Graham shares his Coding Dojo bootcamp review and experience
Graham Layman

The Passion Chaser

Apprentice Bootcamp Leader, Former Property Manager

You are investing in yourself and you will get out of this program whatever you put into it. Through this struggle comes immense satisfaction and pride in accomplishment when you are finished.

Andrew shares his Coding Dojo bootcamp review and experience
Andrew Balberchak

The Programmer In-Progress

Solutions Engineer, Former Operations Analyst would want to put your best foot forward and commit to learning as much as you can.

Nick shares his Coding Dojo bootcamp review and experience
Nick Piazza

The Persistent Developer

Front-End Developer

The most challenging project was certainly one that I was expected to accomplish on my own. But this prepared me very well for the real world.

Ausar shares his Coding Dojo bootcamp review and experience
Ausar McGurder

The No-Limit Career Changer

Systems Analyst, Former Actor/Model

I love how there are very little limitations when it comes to coding. If you have an idea, then just build it. The biggest limitation is yourself.

Refayat shares his Coding Dojo bootcamp review and experience
Refayat Haque

The Receptive Professional

Full Stack Engineer

It's imperative for new students to be able to apply the fundamentals of programming in more than two stacks in order to demonstrate that they fully grasp the fundamentals...

Shinyi shares her Coding Dojo bootcamp review and experience
Shinyi Tan

The Career Reformer

Front-End Developer, Former Illustrator

You are not going to fail because there's no such thing as failure when it comes to self-improvement through education.

After Bootcamp
During Bootcamp
Before Bootcamp

The Career Changer

Sara Wong | HR Background

Web Development Engineer I at Amazon Web Services

I wouldn’t have been able to grow as a developer the same way if I had gone to another bootcamp.”


The CS Graduate

Matt Tucker | CS Background

Co-Founder & CTO @ Roost / Coding Dojo Instructor

By the first month, you start to realize I can already build stuff... I didn’t get that in college.”


The Veteran Developer

Justin Fisher | Developer for 20 Years

You can spend months trying to learn this stuff on your own, or you can come here and get it right away”


The Designer

Tamara Solarzano | Marketing Background

Senior User Experience Designer at DocuSign

I didn’t even know how to write a line of code. I just kept building... until I was doing really...”


The Career Reinventor

Eric Chen | IT Background

Software Development Engineer at Egencia, an Expedia company

I gain as much as I could from this bootcamp. Because of that, I'm in such a better place in my life.”


The Team Player

Ignacio Rovirosa | Developer Background

Senior DevOps Engineer at Symphony - Secure Seamless Communication

It's not just how good you can code, but how you can work with other people and how you could...”


The Career Investor

John Robb | Entrepreneur Background

Global Alliances and Channels Lead at Elastic

No matter what the scale level and no matter what the personal goals are, the teamwork is strong...”

Where Our Alumni Work

Although over 80% of students have no prior experience in web development. On a national scale, our alumni land a job in 180 days after graduating, with an average salary of $76,000 per year. Here are other major companies where our alumni, who wish to be anonymous, are currently working:

*Published in February 2018, this is based upon a survey that was sent to alumni who graduated between January 2015 and October 2017.


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