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Our Alumni

Over 13k+ students have changed their lives with Coding Dojo. Our online bootcamps are described as the most challenging yet rewarding thing our graduates have ever done. If you’re serious about attending a coding bootcamp in Buffalo, our alumni will tell you it’s the most serious choice.

Our Courses

Across the board, Coding Dojo builds and curates its online programs to empower students with the skills they will actually be using in their jobs after graduation. Not only are these the skills that you will use in your job, but they will also have Buffalo companies take notice.


Join the Buffalo Tech Scene

Buffalo may not be in Silicon Valley, but like so many other smaller markets, it’s experiencing a boom in tech companies and digital services. Keep up with the growing network of Buffalo developers, engineers and entrepreneurs by plugging into the local tech scene. Hopefully we’ll see you there!

  • MSDevWNY


    435 members

  • Full Stack Buffalo


    343 members

  • Buffalo WordPress Users


    1,166 members

  • Design Systems Buffalo


    49 members

  • Buffalo Web Developers


    1,131 members



average starting salary in the Buffalo area


Companies Hiring Developers in Buffalo

Buffalo is filled with small tech companies that have big dreams and big companies looking to make their organizations fully digital. This means everyone is hiring developers. Whether they’re looking for a loose, relaxed startup or a powerful, suited corporate environment, developers have their pick in Buffalo.


average starting salary in the Buffalo area


Tech Jobs in Buffalo

With the influx of tech companies, developers in Buffalo are seeing some of the most impressive salaries and perks in the country. Forget moving to San Francisco in order to reap the rewards of knowing code -- Buffalo is more affordable and offers great compensation.

  • Osmose Utilities Services
  • Crowley Webb
  • Twisted Rope
  • Clevermethod
  • Frontier Science Foundation

Upcoming Events

Give programming a try with our upcoming workshops, or check-in to see what Software Development is all about.

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