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The Coding Dojo Employment Journey

Our instructors arm you with the coding skills you will be using at your work every day.

Our Career Services team provides you with the guidance, strategy and prep you need to land the job in the first place.

Career Services
  • Professional Profile & Portfolio Building
  • Job Prospecting & Application Guidance
  • Interview Prep & Compensation Negotiation
Coding Skills

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Our Job Is To Get You Your Job

We have had the privilege of helping over 8000+ students upgrade their careers & their lives. In 14 weeks, we turn our pupils into our peers, with an 83.8% placement rate within 6 months of graduation & an industry-best average starting salary of $69,487.

The only thing better than those numbers are the actual jobs we empower our students to find, interview for & land.




Avrg. Starting Salary


Placement Rate W/I 6 Months
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Jobs of Recent Coding Dojo Graduates

  • Full-Stack Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Programmer
  • QA Tester
  • System Engineer
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Product & Integration Engineer
  • Product Manager


Professional Profile & Portfolio Building

From your first day at bootcamp, not only will you be learning the skills companies want, but you will build a profile that communicates that fact to the right recruiters.

Major milestones:

  • LinkedIn Profile Creation
  • Github Portfolio Production
  • Resume Development & Curation


Job Prospecting & Application Guidance

All while learning the most-indemand code, you will be working on your job search for when graduation comes and goes.

Leveraging our network employers and hiring partners, the career services team will work with you on potential job titles to seek out, how to parse out different role descriptions for what they are truly asking for and guide you on how your first job out of bootcamp works toward your long-term career goals.

Major milestones:

  • Real Job Search
  • Sample Applications
  • Hiring manager communication
  • Job Title Refinement


Interview Prep & Negotiation

The No. 1 complaint by tech recruiters is that they can find people who can code, but these coders can’t communicate and work with the teams they need.

Whether you’re an introvert or a natural leader, our career services team makes sure that you are equipped to be your best self in essential interviews and your day-to-day work.

Major milestones:

  • Sample Job Interviews
  • Technical Job Skills Tests
  • Target compensation management
  • Contract Negotiation
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