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Dojo vs. Competitors

Why We Teach 3 Stacks

A full stack, also known as a software stack or bundle, is a set of software components required to create a complete web application—from the front-end client-side languages to the back-end, consisting of web servers, back-end languages/frameworks, and databases. A full-stack developer is someone with familiarity in each layer of the stack, if not mastery in many.

The Dojo’s Origin

Coding Dojo’s founder, Michael Choi, served as partner and CEO of several successful startups including a real estate lead-gen company called Zurple. It was a high-growth startup and Michael was struggling to find qualified developers so he created a training program of his own. Not only did he believe this to be more pragmatic and efficient, but Michael also loved to teach.

Coding Dojo’s Evolution

After continuous refinement within several growing startups, Michael decided to roll out his developer curriculum to the public. Before this official release, the curriculum was already three years old, tested against 2000+ users, and proven to be an effective learning framework.

At the start of 2012, Michael held Coding Dojo’s first “coding bootcamp”, which was a term less common at this time, in Mountain View, CA–the heart of Silicon Valley. The first bootcamp covered two full stacks in 9-weeks: LAMP and Ruby on Rails. Over time, Michael and his team continued to refine the course material, and within months, this former internal program turned from a 9-week course to a 14-week programming bootcamp.

The Dojo Today

Today, Coding Dojo is the first school in the world to teach three full stacks of software development in 14 weeks: an ability only acquirable through years of refinement and only enabled by a staff of seasoned web developers through decades of programming experience. Our commitment to quality has produced a polished curriculum and well-rounded course structure, which we continue to improve with every new cohort. Given the rapid growth of technology, we believe that our school must act likewise: to be adaptive, versatile, and most of all highly relevant.