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  • Check out our programs here on our website and download a syllabus to view the curriculum.
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  • Next, submit your application! The application process takes no more than 5 minutes.
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  • Once you have confirmed your financing, submit your deposit* to reserve your seat in class.

    *Deposit may be waived for certain financing options

  • Connect with your Onboarding Manager! Your manager will help you gather all your needed information and get you set up in the learn platform.

Start Your Learning Journey

Get signed into your tools, complete your pre-course work, meet your classmates, and get excited for the first day of class. You’re on your way to a brand new career in tech!


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Meet the Team

linked_in coding-dojo-adrian-cordova

Adrian Cordova

Sports Fanatic - GoPackGo! Avid Runner. Former Learning and Development Instructor.Book a Call

linked_in coding-dojo-alexandra-jones

Alexandra Jones

Former PartnershipsBook a Call

linked_in coding-dojo-alyssa-bieling

Alyssa Bieling

Outdoor Enthusiast. Former Real Estate Book a Call

linked_in coding-dojo-brandon-schnabel

Brandon Schnabel

Aspiring Writer. Super Dad. Book a Call

linked_in coding-dojo-alexis-armstrong

Cory Benkowski

Girl Dad. Cleveland Sports Fan. Higher Ed Vet. Book a Call

linked_in coding-dojo-david-chanoine

David Chanoine

Former Telecommunications. Book a Call

linked_in coding-dojo-dillon-godofsky

Dillon Godofsky

Book a Call

linked_in coding-dojo-emily-dulaney

Emily Dulaney

Affinity for live music. Golfer. Book a Call

linked_in coding-dojo-ethan-chin

Ethan Chin

Girl Dad. IU Basketball Fanatic. Amateur poker player. Book a Call

linked_in coding-dojo-jason-jones

Jason Jones

Book a Call

linked_in coding-dojo-jeffrey-barlatier

Jeffrey Barlatier

Book a Call

linked_in coding-dojo-jimmy-la

Jimmy La

Former Auto Industry Book a Call

linked_in coding-dojo-jordan-terry

Jordan Terry

Dog lover Book a Call

linked_in coding-dojo-joseph-salamone

Joseph Salamone

Top Dog Dad. Former Mutifamily Industry. Book a Call

linked_in coding-dojo-katie-stevens

Katie Stevens

Admissions Vet. Dog Mom. Scuba Certified. Book a Call

linked_in coding-dojo-lisa-davis

Lisa Davis

Avid Learner Book a Call

linked_in coding-dojo-luke-kaestner

Luke Kaestner

Ex Tech Recruiter Book a Call

linked_in coding-dojo-rae-hackett

Rae Hackett

Devoted to Higher Ed for 15 Years. Proud Supporter of the United States Military. Book a Call

linked_in coding-dojo-ryan-wilson

Ryan Wilson

3D printing expert & Enthusiastic Creator. 20+ years helping others succeed. Book a Call

linked_in coding-dojo-sam-schiro

Sam Schiro

Ex Tech Recruiter Book a Call

linked_in coding-dojo-scott-chandler

Scott Chandler

Sports Fanatic. Former Regional Sales Director. Book a Call

linked_in coding-dojo-timothy-spencer

Timothy Spencer

Former Radio Personality. Action & Film Director. Book a Call

linked_in coding-dojo-theresa-sherman

Theresa Sherman

Full Stack Software Engineer & Mobile App Developer. Higher Ed since 2014. Book a Call

linked_in coding-dojo-trisha-bowen

Trisha Bowen

5+ Years in Higher Ed, Former Higher-Ed Recruiter Book a Call

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career_karma_best_coding_bootcamp careerkarma_best_bootcamp_projects_2022

Awarded Best Online Bootcamp and Best Bootcamp Projects 2022 by Career Karma


One of the Best Coding Bootcamps

It was the best decision I could’ve made once I knew I wanted my next career to be in software development. I went in knowing very little and graduated with a wealth of knowledge that helped jumpstart my new career.

Breanne Johnson

Fullstack Developer
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Awarded Best Bootcamp 2021-2022 by Course Report


One of the Best Coding Bootcamps

Each time I think of it, I remember an unforgettable experience and I feel confident about other programming challenges. I also made good friends.

Delvina Blakaj

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Developer
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Awarded Best Online Bootcamps 2022 by switchup


One of the Best Coding Bootcamps

I gained a lot of confidence and realized how much I enjoyed solving algorithms with others. When I graduated, I was confident I had the foundational experience I needed to excel in the industry.

David Kavanaugh

Software Engineer
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Financing Overview


Pay in Installments


Divide your tuition payments over the length of your program. These installment plans carry 0% interest, and you can adjust your payment schedule at any time.


Third Party Funding


Cover up to 100% of your tuition less deposit and defer your payments until 3 months after you graduate. There is no hard credit pull to see what you qualify for. Rates will vary.


Third Party Funding


Cover up to 100% of your tuition less deposit and defer your payments until 3 months after you graduate. There is no hard credit pull to see what you qualify for. Rates will vary.

Not sure which is right for you? Speak with Admissions!

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Redefine Possible

Meet Our Alumni

Coding Dojo Alumni Sara Wong

The Career Changer

Sara Wong | HR Background

“I wouldn’t have been able to grow as a developer the same way if I had gone to another bootcamp.”

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Coding Dojo Alumni Justine Fisher

The Veteran Developer

Justin Fisher | Developer for 20 Years

“You can spend months trying to learn this stuff on your own, or you can come here ...and get it right away.”

Coding Dojo Alumni Matt Tucker

The CS Graduate

Matt Tucker | CS Background

“By the first month, you start to realize I can already build stuff... I didn’t get that in college.“

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