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Congratulations to coding bootcamp alumni Ted Whang for being featured on one of the industry’s top resources for insights and news, the blog. In the article Ted shares his secret to success, and how he ultimately chose to attend Coding Dojo over other Seattle coding schools. Like many alumni, Ted entered our 12–week web development program without prior experience, but attended class with a relentless desire to reinvent his career. By combining his drive with the Dojo’s curriculum and staff, Ted’s bootcamp experience was an overwhelming success. Before our program he was working in sales, and within one week after completing the camp, he was hired as a full–stack web developer at Quve – a growing startup in the Seattle area.

Whether you have seriously considered to attend a coding bootcamp or not, you are bound to find inspiration within Ted’s journey. Although difficult to believe, his career transformation wasn’t simply a miracle. It was a product of sheer determination.

Click below to learn more about Ted’s full coding bootcamp experience.


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