Introducing our first 9-week bootcamp for aspiring web developers, based in Silicon Valley CA, is introducing its first 9-week bootcamp training for aspiring web developers. If you get a job out of the program, you receive a full refund of your tuition.

At our offices in the heart of Silicon Valley, you’ll learn everything from HTML to Ruby on Rails amidst the campuses of Google, Apple, and countless startups. Students will meet from 9am-6pm, Monday-Friday, and learn to breath, eat (we provide lunch, dinner and healthy snacks), and dream about coding. You’ll have the opportunity to work closely with similarly driven people, attend a variety of different coding meetups, and frequently hear from prominent guest speakers, CTOs, and other generally cool developers. After 9 weeks of intense training, we’ll have a demo day where recruiters, hiring managers, and startups will be invited to interview and hire you.

Over the last 2 years, CodingDojo has refined training for developers, allowing us to take someone new to programming to where they can build advanced web applications in PHP, Javascript, Ruby, Node.JS, SQL database, all in just a few months. The training is rigorous, and only for those serious about learning to code, and serious about getting a job after the program.

We’re interested in accepting you if:

* You can devote your full commitment during these 9 weeks (you’re expected to spend at least 50-70 hours each week in class) – we expect that you don’t do anything else during these 9 weeks, but just code and learn.
* You live in Silicon Valley or are willing to relocate to Silicon Valley during these 9 weeks
* You have great communication skills (both written and oral)
* You are humble and hungry to learn. You want to grow as a person and as a developer.

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