Intro to Programming

Fundamentals of Web Development Workshop

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Learn & Understand the Basics

This workshop is a short, free introduction to the world of programming and web development. Regardless of your background, by the end of the 2-3 hour workshop you'll have the foundational knowledge to move onto more advanced programming courses.
We'll start with a lecture on introductory topics such as 'How the Web Works', HTTP Request & Response, and Front-End vs. Back-End. Afterwards, we'll introduce you to a pre-built web-based game in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. We'll show you how the game is built and you'll have time to modify and tinker with the code yourself.
Beginner Friendly

Ideal for beginners who may be aspiring developers or hobbyists.

Lay the Groundwork

A great starting point for anyone interested in dipping their toe in the world of programming.

Free to Join, Walk-Ins Welcome

We only require a willingness to learn and please bring your own laptop device to participate.

Hands-On Learning

Expect to tinker with real code in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


Please bring your own laptop to participate, and install visual studio code before we start.

When & Where

Intro to Programming is run on weekdays, after work-hours. Please see for times and available campuses.

What We'll Cover

  • How the Web Works?
  • HTTP Request & Response Cycle
  • Front-End vs. Back-End
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Basic Javascript

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